Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sell Yourself Digital Presentation Course

Sell Yourself
Digital Presentations module 
Starting 27/09/2011
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:45
O'Fiaich College Dundalk
Room 49
limited numbers

If you have enrolled in the Digital Presentation course in O'Fiaich College, classes start today at 3.30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room 49.

Benefits to you attending this subject:

1)Learn to present with the newest presentation software
  • Powerpoint 2010 
  • Keynote
  • iPads
Presenting with the most relevant tools for today's workforce can help give you a
competitive edge in the workplace. Familiarising yourself with Microsoft and Apple
computers as well as iPads could help give you a competitive advantage in the
workplace while also making your position within the business you work for stronger.
Powerpoint 2010 will have many new tricks and features which have the capability
for you to deliver more exciting presentations

Keynote presentation software for Apple computers

iPads and other mobile tablets are revolutionising how we can give presentations, sales pitches and advertisements for our companies while not being tied to a computer or laptop 

2) Lose your fear of public speaking
Public speaking for many can be a daunting prospect, yet often it is what can set you apart from your employees. Many of us fear it, many of us avoid it, Throughout your college career you will be asked to give presentations at every level of education. No matter how much of an expert you are about whatever topic you are going to present, you will need to consider how can you make your presentation dynamic and effective enough to engage your audience?

Maybe you feel that you are not talented enough, you are on public display in front of everyone and you are wondering how can you perform well. Perhaps the prospect of presenting fills you with dread? Yet if you are a supervisor in a company you are going to have to make presentations to employees or management or to customers and suppliers. If you are a student working hard on a piece of work for college do you not want people to know why your work is so important or will you sell yourself short? Or worse, will you get someone else to present your ideas? How long are you going to put this off for? This subject will help give you the tools to overcome doubts and fears.
When presentations don't target their audience
3) Get a competitive edge over your classmates
By attending this class and passing this subject you will have an extra subject added to your course. Yes I know it may be annoying doing an extra class at 3:30 but at the end of the year you will have the documentation to say that not only did you do an extra class that your friends didn't do but also your end of year results show that you can present well. Remember you will be competing against the people on your courses for the same jobs so you have to think bout how you are going to stand out from the rest.
When all you are is  a CV in a bundle of CV applications for an employer or for a course in college, this subject can indicate to them that you won't have a problem getting up in front of an audience and presenting your work, which is an essential component for numerous college courses. Therefore, you are increasing your chances to be called for interview in the next step uf your career path. 
You will also be more confident in an interview as a result of doing this subject.
The jobs market is certainly more difficult than it was a few years ago. This video is taken
from Primetime in 2009 and gives a snapshot of Ireland's economic performance in
2008. I'm including it here for a number of reasons
1. This video shows the power of an effective digital presentation while making it relevant to you if you are an Irish 21st century student
2. It provides you with statistics about Ireland to make a more informed decision about your career path 
Ireland's Economic Meltdown 
Uploaded by on 14 Jan 2009 
4) Become more creative and fight to get your voice heard
Learn to develop more effective methods through digital presentations to get people to follow your idea or business or blog

Attendance Rules

Due to the high demand for the course you will be expected to attend throughout the year. There is a waiting list to attend this subject.Many of you who are on the waiting list may find a space or two available for you if there are any no shows.

As this subject is optional there will be a 3 strikes and you're out policy. In other words, failure to inform me that you won't be attending my class on a particular day will earn you a strike. 3 strikes and I will bring someone else on the waiting list in to take your place. You can always email me to inform me why you can't attend before class and you won't receive a strike. My email is marcus.howard@ofi.ie

If you feel you won't be able to commit to the subject, you MUST let me know as soon as possible as you are making it unfair to the person who will take your place. Hope you enjoy the subject and you find a way to use it to help you on your career path

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