Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Molly O'Reilly Easter Rising Stories

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard, independent film maker. Constance and Clare Cowley recount the story of their relative Molly O'Reilly, who hoisted the flag at Liberty Hall before the 1916 Easter Rising at the request of James Connolly. Molly was also involved in spying for Michael Collins after 1916 as well as being one of the first female hunger strikers in 1923. Constance and Clare also give their thoughts on how 2016, the 100th anniversary of the Rising, should be commemorated. At the Easter 2015 celebrations, Constance Cowley was present at the hoisting of the flag outside Liberty Hall organised by the Dublin North Inner City Folklore Project. The event was filmed by her daughter Clare and Marcus.

Easter Rising Stories is a series of films by independent film maker Marcus Howard. The videos are not for profit but for educational purposes. The aim of the series is to capture the recollections of relatives of the Easter Rising of 1916 as well as to document events and stories relating to the Easter Rising. If you are interested in getting in touch please contact: