Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ireland 2013 A National Disgrace Documentary

Hi here is a link to a documentary I made at the Arms Around Moore Street protest on April 21st. Has the eviction of Irish history begun?  If you compare this to how America remembers it's history with The Alamo, Holland with the Ann Frank Museum and Belfast with the Titanic Museum is Irish history being celebrated in a similar fashion? This video features interviews and speeches from 1916 relatives of James Connolly, Thomas MacDonagh, John O’Connor and others, it has a recreation of a James Larkin speech performed 100 years ago at this event, there is a rousing rendition of the national anthem performed by Diarmuid Breatnach followed by a montage of gravestones from Arbour Hill and Glasnevin cemetery where the 1916 leaders are buried with quotes. Every Irish kid studied about this in school as these actions lead to the birth of the Irish state.  How should this be remembered? The freedoms we have today were obtained by their actions.  Do you think it should be knocked down?

Ireland 2013 A National Disgrace

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard