Monday, 30 April 2012

Group Activity

The Personal and Professional Development Class were asked to last week come up with a group activity. Both activities are taking place on Monday. You are asked to make a Powerpoint Presentation on:

The discussion to come up with your idea:

The planning involved in getting it set up:

The Challenges Encountered:

How it went:

In your teams you will also be asked to conduct a Powerpoint presentation in your group.


Feel free to take pictures of the event

Overcoming challenges

After some lengthy discussion with the Personal and Professional Development class, one of the challenges highlighted for them was the speed of their internet connection. The reason that this was mentioned as important was because many of these students like to Skype their families who are located in Malaysia.

As part of one of the exercises for this module, students have been asked to get together and to discover how to overcome this challenge with a variety of solutions. Roles will be assigned and decisions will be evaluated. Students must write about this in their journal with the following headings:

The Challenge:

The Reason:

The Obstacles:

The Solution:

Team Members:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Robocode Ireland Champions Dundalk Institute of Technology

2 former students of O'Fiaich College who have attended the Certificate in Information Technology, Multimedia and Games Studies  that I had the pleasure of teaching and who progressed to DKIT have become the Robocode Ireland Champions at the 2012 Games Fleadh.

Pictured from left to right are Aaron Conroy, Stephen Farnan and Matthew Walsh of Dundalk Institute of Technology with their lecturer Derek O'Reilly, lecturer in DKIT and Dr Liam Noonan, lecturer in LIT Tipperary.