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Ireland 2016 The European Rising Part 5

Ireland 2016 The European Rising Part 5 The Media

Published on Mar 19, 2013 Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. The real St Patrick's Weekend march of 2013 took place in Dublin but you probably didn't hear about it because of the media. On 16th March a selection of Irish austerity groups, independent media for Irish people gathered together outside RTE studios to protest media bias. Interviews are included with TNS Radio, This part focuses on the battle for Irish media.

Aisling Fitzgibbons (The Girl against Fluoride), Direct Democracy Ireland, Debtoptions, the National Demand Licensing Campaign. This part also features footage of the Ballyhea Bondholder Bailout movement who are achieving the attention of global media yet feel ignored by RTE, Ireland's public service broadcaster. RTE is a semi-state company. Marcus Howard, the maker of this documentary series is independent of all these organizations. He is a teacher of Media analysis and runs a free educational blog. RTE remain the only news company to have issue with this documentary series who removed part 2 of the Ireland 2016 European Rising series. Thankfully it was only a few seconds of footage that was disputed. So I removed the disputed content and reuploaded it. News company footage which I have used in previous parts such as Euronews, TV3, TG4, BBC, RT have had no issue with any of the footage I have used.This documentary is for educational purposes for teaching media analysis. It is not for profit but simply an educational critique. Feel free to disagree but I advise you to look up what these groups and organisations are about before you decide. All these groups are representing issues affecting Irish people and are uniformly feeling ignored by RTE. 

So now you know about it. What are you going to do?

If you feel strongly about these issues or simply wish to know more here are some contact link information which may be useful to you. Please share. Thank you.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Propps and Todorov's Narrative Theory

Todorov believed that all stories started with an equilibrium. Then a disruption to that equilibrium woud cause Disequilibrium. This would in turn cause a disruption and unsettlement. There is an attempt to repair the damage of the disruption

Vladimir Propp helped develop narrative by analysing the formula and attributes of characters to help develop a narrative story. By deconstructing Russian fairy tales he was able to identify a narrative structure in all stories. He also identified the following character types in most movies.

The villain who struggles against the hero.
The dispatcher who helps send the hero off on their quest.
The (magical) helper who helps the hero on their quest.
The princess or prize- Often the story end when the hero marrys the princess usually after defeating the villain. The hero would like to mrry her but because of an unfair evil, is prevented from doing so.
The father gives the task to the hero, identifies the false hero and marries the hero. the father is often sought during the narrative.
The donor prepares the hero or gives them some magical object.
The hero reacts to the donor and weds the princess. The hero may be a victim/seeker hero.
The false hero may take credit for the hero's actions and may try to marry the princess.

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