Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Communications Assgt Group Discussion

Title & Code of Module Communications 5NO690
Assessment Technique Discussion and Negotiation Skills
Weighing 10%
Title Discussion and Negotiation Skills

Formal Meeting. Group Discussion

1 Candidates should participate in a formal group setting, such as a discussion or meeting. You will be discussing the contents of the video.
2 Prepare for the discussion or meeting by preparing questions to be asked or drawing up an agenda
3 Candidates should display good non-verbal communication, listening and speaking skills.

Assessment Criteria:
  • Communicates effectively, excellent preparation (2)
  • Projects a good image, maintains appropriate eye contact, positive body language (2)
  • Listens carefully, seeks clarification if needed, answers questions confidently, elaborates and expands on answers (2)
  • Asks relevant questions (2)

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