Sunday, 7 June 2015

Research Project (30%)

Research Project (30%)

Use research skills to gather a range of relevant information and
materials for entry to and supports within further or higher education
or training provision, or within a particular career path

Locate the relevant required qualifications and steps to appropriate
qualifications on the National Framework of Qualifications and on the
European Qualifications Framework

Analyse the factors that enable and prohibit personal success in
achieving medium to long term personal learning or career objectives,
including economic, social, institutional, cultural, informational,
dispositional, educational

• present a personal timetable for the achievement of stated career/qualification goals
• supported by evidence of research both primary (e.g. interviews and visits) and secondary research
• present relevant material to show depth of research e.g. Career Guidance meetings, official
correspondence and official and online/published material

Students will have to give a presentation on their findings.

Research Project (30%)
• Wide range of sources of information explored                                    10
• Appropriate career path proposed                                                10
• Well researched profile                                                                        10

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