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Identify the main parts that make up a typical computer system in an accounts environment e.g. CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Disks, Printer

The Mona Lisa is hardware form

Click on this link to learn about the main parts of a computer:


A monitor displays videos, text and images through electronic visual display. Their appearance is very much similar to a TV screen however there is a much more higher resolution than a TV.


A keyboard is a input device based on a typewriter style keyboard.

Click on the video below to learn more about keyboards:

Learn Basic Computer Skills : Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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A printer is used to produce graphics text or both from documents on a computer device. 

Learn About Computer Printers

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This carries out all the instructions of a program. 

Check out this video to learn more about CPU:

What Is A CPU?

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Hard drive (disk)

This is a device that is used to store and retrieve information digitally. It is also known as a hard drive.

That size does not even exist any more.

Computer Hard-Drive - How It Works

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