Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Distinguish between Hardware and Software

What is hardware?

A different form of hardware for a computer

This is the physical objects of a computer that a person can touch. These include keyboards, mouse, printer, monitor and disk drives.
A computer would not work if there was no hardware for the software to run on. For instance how would you input data into a computer if there is no keyboard or mouse?

Also remember that if you get confused with hardware and software. Hardware is hard i.e. physical you can touch it.

Can I see pictures of hardware?
Of course check out this picture

Click on these videos to learn more about computer hardware:

Lesson 1 Computer Hardware Basics

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1/9 Computer hardware basics

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Basic Computer Hardware

Uploaded by  on 19 Jul 2010

What is Software?

This is the set of instructions or code that tells the hardware how to work or operate. For instance if you click on a programme such as Microsoft Word the software will be executed and it will display the programme on the monitor.
Software is not physical and cannot be touched.

Hmm can I see any visual of software?
Yes check out this picture to see different types of software.

Click on this link to learn more about computer software:


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