Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Distinguish between Hardware and Software

What is hardware?

A different form of hardware for a computer

This is the physical objects of a computer that a person can touch. These include keyboards, mouse, printer, monitor and disk drives.
A computer would not work if there was no hardware for the software to run on. For instance how would you input data into a computer if there is no keyboard or mouse?

Also remember that if you get confused with hardware and software. Hardware is hard i.e. physical you can touch it.

Can I see pictures of hardware?
Of course check out this picture

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What is Software?

This is the set of instructions or code that tells the hardware how to work or operate. For instance if you click on a programme such as Microsoft Word the software will be executed and it will display the programme on the monitor.
Software is not physical and cannot be touched.

Hmm can I see any visual of software?
Yes check out this picture to see different types of software.

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