Monday, 8 December 2014

Preparing for the Water Charges protest on December 10th

On the 6th December many proud parents and grandparents along with their children and grandchildren hit the streets of Dublin in a warm-up protest for the 10th of December. They came from Roscommon, Navan, Tipperary, Thurles, Kerry, Athlone, Dublin and one lady even came over from Lanzarote. They are asked why they are here as well and if they have a mesage for the Irish Government. Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. Filmed on December 6th, 4 days before the big protest on December 10th.

Water Charges Warm-up Protest December 6th
                                  Directed and edited by Marcus Howard.

Here is possibly one of the greatest protest songs to come out of Ireland.

The Rolling Tav Revue---No Privatisation, Irish Water, Irish
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Media and key issues effecting them

In the 21st century, we have access to content whenever we want, on whatever device we're using from virtually anywhere in the world. In today's world of multimedia, there is a stronger focus on interactive feedback with the audience, as well as a stronger focus on formulating communities of people.

Most technological new media devices are digital and often compatible with other devices. Websites, computer games, computer multimedia and dvds are becoming more and more integrated with each other.

Another issue surrounding new media is the democratization of published and creative content. For example anyone can create a blog and invite comments to be posted. This is often seen on Sky News where members of the general public have tweeted in their thoughts about stories or reality tv like X Factor or Big Brother where the audience makes the show by voting which contestants are in or out.

Did You Know 4.0

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Social Media Revolution 2011 

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The World of Social Media in 2011 - All The Statistics, Facts and Figures 

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Social Media Stats Ireland - June 2011
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The Workforce is Changing rapidly - How Will You Manage?
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You may also find this other 20 minute documentary useful about some of the more likely technological changes of the future and what effect that can have on society. The documentary looks at the past, present and future of connectivity, as well as key personnel from Flickr, Wired UK and Soundcloud discussing the emerging trends and opportunities as the new networked society develops.

Networked Society 'On the Brink'

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Wikipedia the online encyclopedia is shaping how we research for content. Digital text,  pictures and links can help us research topics in great detail. Yet who is putting up the content? Everybody. A community of editors and donors of information from all over the world help to create how Wikipedia has developed into one of the most popular research websites on the planet.

Here is a 20 minute clip about how Wikipedia was created and continues to develop by founder Jimmy Wales at one of the TED talk summits.

The History of Wikipedia (in two minutes)
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Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia

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Here is a recent shorter clip from 2011

Jimmy Wales 10th anniversary global call to action 

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The History of Google
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Facebook is an example of new media transforming the landscape of how we communicate by social media. With this medium, the users are the participants. Businesses are expanding through being able to advertise to the individual as opposed to a more general target audience. How? The user puts up their content.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Interview

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Introducing Timeline -- a New Kind of Profile
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2010: Year of the iPad

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 What are the advantages of social media?

What are the disadvantages?

In this video clip, Jon Snow from Channel 4 News discusses the impact of new media on broadcasting and journalism. Opportunities within new media and the concept of retaining or fusing together traditional media with these advances in communication technologies are discussed.

Jon Snow on New Media 

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Wikileaks has helped to evolve the manner of news reporting, although controversially.

Here is a documentary about the company

The Wikileaks Documentary -- Full Version 

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Here is the controversial film footage entitled Collateral Murder. Viewer discretion is advised as there are real life fatalities in this clip.

Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq

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Illegeal downloading of music and movies are becoming more and more prevalent. How has new media effected this?

Debate simmers over illegal downloads - 17 Apr 09

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Movie Piracy Debate

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 Advertising is also seeing a shift in thinking as a result of new media. It cost $1,000,000 to advertise during the Superbowl in the US yet what Dorito's asked their customers to do was to get customers to make their own ad and the best ad for Dorito's would be voted upon.

Have a look at this Wikipedia link for thoughts about new media from a variety of scholars. Particuarly look at Lev Manowich's definition of New Media.

Also look at the "globalisation and new media" section and new media as a tool for social change

 What are the main issues of new media?

Old vs. New

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Technology and the Future
Here is a Ted talk video below by Patties Maes demonstrating the newest version of 6th sense technology. If you have seen the film Minority Report with Tom Cruise you may be surprised at how fast technology has developed towards making the technology used in the film a reality. The technology you see below allows users to interact with their environment in a more profound way.

Pattie Maes: Unveiling game-changing wearable tech

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Microsoft's Concept of How 2019 Will Look Like -
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A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.
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