Monday, 8 December 2014

Preparing for the Water Charges protest on December 10th

On the 6th December many proud parents and grandparents along with their children and grandchildren hit the streets of Dublin in a warm-up protest for the 10th of December. They came from Roscommon, Navan, Tipperary, Thurles, Kerry, Athlone, Dublin and one lady even came over from Lanzarote. They are asked why they are here as well and if they have a mesage for the Irish Government. Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. Filmed on December 6th, 4 days before the big protest on December 10th.

Water Charges Warm-up Protest December 6th
                                  Directed and edited by Marcus Howard.

Here is possibly one of the greatest protest songs to come out of Ireland.

The Rolling Tav Revue---No Privatisation, Irish Water, Irish
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