Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Right2Water protests in Dublin

On October 11th it is estimated that crowds of 100,000 people descended on Dublin to protest the water charges. On November 1st there is another protest planned in Dublin and also in various towns and cities around the country.

Speeches, national and international media coverage and contact information for local Facebook and Twitter groups are also available on this video for the protest on November 1st.

                                     Right2Water The Day Ireland Roared

                               Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

A selection of interviews and footage at the Right2Water groups featuring Derek Byrne, Joan Collins TD, BrĂ­d Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett, Elizabeth Hourihane, Councillor John Lyons, Chris Wakefield, Kieran Allen and others. This protest has been mentioned in Sydney, Russia and Iran and is seen as one of the largest protests in Ireland in recent years. Interviewed and edited by Marcus Howard.

                                    Right2Water Protest The Interviews
                                                 Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

Monday, 20 October 2014

CV and Interview skills

This should be a “real life” CV, presented on 2 pages and word processed.
Follow appropriate layout for a CV.

Structure-headings, logical order, reverse chronology,
Essential components- personal details, education, qualifications, work experience, referees etc
Relevance, consistency, focus on future career and job opportunities 
 Presentation – word processed, two pages attractiveness

Your CV is what sells you. In 2012 in Ireland it is an employers market. You are now in a more competitive market for jobs than in 2006. As a result, you may be competing for a job against someone with 10 years experience. Your potential employer hasn't met you yet and you are one of a bundle of CV's. At this stage your CV and cover letter is the only piece of information they have about you. How are you going to promote yourself? How are you with your CV, going to make the difference between getting an interview or not?
Is there spelling mistakes? Over 80% of CV's have spelling mistakes in them. What signal are you sending out to your employer about you if there are a lot of spelling mistakes?

    Youtube Video

Jobs Club 2: CV Preparation - TV3's Ireland AM with Brightwater

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Jobs Club 41: Handling Interview Questions 

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Career Advice: The Perfect CV 

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Was the topic explained well or not?
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Writing a business letter


The letter should be word processed, following current business conventions, consisting of 2-3 full paragraphs. The letter an application for a course

Assessment Criteria

Structure - conventions of address, layout, word processed
Content, correct use of grammar, spelling punctuation etc

Poor writing skills can lead to a negative perception of the business you are representing.

It is therefore very important to decide when constructing your letter:
Purpose What is the point of the letter you are writing? What message are you trying to convey?
Audience Who are you writing this letter to? If it is to a customer complaint, should you take more care regarding how you will phrase the letter? How can you address the issue while maintaing a positive image for your company? How important is this for you if it is a letter of application
Information Gathering What information do you need to send this letter. What sources do you need to research?
Main Points What are the main points you want to cover? Put them in a logical order

Youtube Video

The Key Forms of Business Writing: Basic Letter


Uploaded by on 6 Mar 2009
Youtube Video

Life Skills & Writing Letters : How to Address a Business Letter

Uploaded by on 15 May 2009

Youtube Video

Word 2007 Spell Check Set up

Uploaded by on 24 Apr 2010

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Power of Peace

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. A selection of speeches and footage of activists for civil rights such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Lennon who argued for organised non-violent civil disobedience and protest to bring about change. Also featured in this video are speeches by JFK presenting his cause for peace and RFK delivering the news of Martin Luther King's murder. They were all assassinated for their individual stances.

                                                        The Power Of Peace

                                                      Directed and edited by Marcus Howard


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

iMovie and fast food advertising

Your Task
1-Open up Google images and select a selection of images of fast food advertising
2-Find out by looking up Google some facts about fast food
3-Put the images into iMovie (you can create a movie or a trailer)
4-Put in short facts and statistics about fast food and obesity.Keep it simple.
5-Record your voice explaining anything about the facts you might also think is important for iMovie
6-Place some music over it 
7- email to me

Monday, 6 October 2014

Advertising, Obesity and Body Image

A vast majority of children have recognised the McDonalds symbol before they were even able to speak. Overweight children have been given fast food in hospitals. Approximately 67% of parents in Ireland believe their obese or overweight child is of normal weight. McDonalds feeds approximately 45 million  people everyday which is more than 15 times the population of Ireland. It has been stated that if you have eaten a Big Mac, large fries and large Coke you would have to walk non-stop for six hours to burn off the calories you gained.

As fast food is a significant factor in contributing to obesity, increases in coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, hypertension, gall bladder disease and diabetes can be partly blamed on our fast food culture.

This excerpt from Primetime looks at how there are increasingly worrying signs that Ireland is facing an obesity epidemic. It is over 5 minutes long.

Prime Time: Appetite for Destruction

Published on May 31, 2012 by 

Ever wonder how big McDonald's and other fast food companies are? Here is a video presentation presenting facts and figures about the fast food industry.

The Infographics Show - Fast Food

Published on Jul 6, 2012 by 

A selection of Burger King ads. Do these models look like they are regular consumers of a Burger King diet?

Here is David Beckham in an advert for Burger King for the 2012 Olympics. Do you think it is right for a sports celebrity to be a celebrity endorsement for a fast food company? Is it sending out mixed messages? What messages do you think they are?

David Beckham - Burger King 2012 Commercial

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The sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics were Cadburys, McDonalds and Coca-cola. For an event which promotes health and sport this was an interesting choice of sponsors. 

Notice how many times McDonald's cups or logos appear in the advert below. Why do you think McDonalds do this?

McDonald's 'We All Make The Games' Olympics TV Ad

Here is another take on this advert.

Why do you think Coca-cola wants to be associated with the Olympics? Do you think it sends out any mixed messages to young people?

Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Ad

Here is a very interesting video about the tricks advertising companies go to in order to make their food look better. Also remember that in todays world, these images can be photoshopped also just like the models explained in the previous thread. Do you think this is fair or not?

Food Ad Tricks: 

Helping Kids Understand Food Ads on TV

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Here is a comparison of famous products. The advertisement is on the left while the reality may be on the right.

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

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Type into Youtube

Type into Youtube: Jamie Oliver Nuggets and watch the video.

Here is a clip from Jamie Oliver's Dream School

Jamie's Dream School | Jamie vs. Nuggets

Uploaded by  on Mar 2, 2011

Here is a clip from the film Supersize Me

Mcdonalds horror

Uploaded by  on Jun 14, 2007

Fault Lines Fast food, fat profits: Obesity in America

Uploaded by  on Nov 19, 2010

Friday, 3 October 2014

Dundalk and the Water Charges

Speeches from Seamus Sherlock and Maeve Curtis regarding Irish Water and how people are fighting paying water charges in Dundalk. Edited by Marcus Howard. Filmed by Roisin Curtis. ‪#‎irishwater

Dundalk's Resistance to Water Charges


                                       Here is an older video made at the start of September

                     Water Rates Dundalk's Answer