Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Right2Water protests in Dublin

On October 11th it is estimated that crowds of 100,000 people descended on Dublin to protest the water charges. On November 1st there is another protest planned in Dublin and also in various towns and cities around the country.

Speeches, national and international media coverage and contact information for local Facebook and Twitter groups are also available on this video for the protest on November 1st.

                                     Right2Water The Day Ireland Roared

                               Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

A selection of interviews and footage at the Right2Water groups featuring Derek Byrne, Joan Collins TD, BrĂ­d Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett, Elizabeth Hourihane, Councillor John Lyons, Chris Wakefield, Kieran Allen and others. This protest has been mentioned in Sydney, Russia and Iran and is seen as one of the largest protests in Ireland in recent years. Interviewed and edited by Marcus Howard.

                                    Right2Water Protest The Interviews
                                                 Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

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