Monday, 20 October 2014

CV and Interview skills

This should be a “real life” CV, presented on 2 pages and word processed.
Follow appropriate layout for a CV.

Structure-headings, logical order, reverse chronology,
Essential components- personal details, education, qualifications, work experience, referees etc
Relevance, consistency, focus on future career and job opportunities 
 Presentation – word processed, two pages attractiveness

Your CV is what sells you. In 2012 in Ireland it is an employers market. You are now in a more competitive market for jobs than in 2006. As a result, you may be competing for a job against someone with 10 years experience. Your potential employer hasn't met you yet and you are one of a bundle of CV's. At this stage your CV and cover letter is the only piece of information they have about you. How are you going to promote yourself? How are you with your CV, going to make the difference between getting an interview or not?
Is there spelling mistakes? Over 80% of CV's have spelling mistakes in them. What signal are you sending out to your employer about you if there are a lot of spelling mistakes?

    Youtube Video

Jobs Club 2: CV Preparation - TV3's Ireland AM with Brightwater

Uploaded by on 20 Aug 2009

Jobs Club 41: Handling Interview Questions 

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Career Advice: The Perfect CV 

Uploaded by on 9 Jul 2009

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