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Assgt 8 The Interview:Listening and speaking skills

Listening and Speaking Skills (Interview Skills)

Students will have to participate in a one on one interview with ther tutor. Students have the option to tailor the interview towards either applying for a job or applying for a place in further education
o Learners must participate in an assessment that demonstrates the learner’ability to communicate in a one-to-one formal situation.
o This may be recorded on audio or visual recorder.
o This should be approximately 5-7 minutes in duration.

Listening and Speaking Skills: Interview
• Effective communication, appropriate to situation                                          3
• Careful listening skills evident, clarification sought if needed                         3
• Dialogue elaborated and expanded on,situation dealt with appropriately      3
• Relevant questions asked                                                                             3
Clear and effective speech evident                                                               3

Practise interview skills

Presenting your CV can seem a daunting task. It is important not to just run through what is just on the CV, the employer has that already. Now is your chance to shine and give them a fuller picture of your job potential.

Have a look at this video from Brightwater Recruitment where 2 candidates are taken through a presentation class. Is there anything you could learn from the feedback they were given?

Here are 2 videos below from highlighting some of the big mistakes which graduates often make as well as dealing with competency based interviews.

Youtube Video

Graduate Interviews - Biggest Mistakes - Cara Fallon, Ericsson, Jameson, PwC, Fidelity

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Youtube Video 

Competency Based Interviews - PwC, KPMG,

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Here are some examples of video CV's by graduates. It may give you ideas about important areas to cover in your interview. 

Zookel Video CV Graduate

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 Youtube Video 
Short Video Resume

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Here are some of the top questions being asked in interviews. Put your own style on how you answer them but it is more important than ever to prepare as interviewers want to be able to hire the best people for their job.

Youtube Video Top 36 Interview Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers 

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How to Ace an Interview with Your Body Language

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  • Have a print out of your CV
  • Type up what you have learned about the interview process 

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Mise en scene

Mise-en-scene refers to everything that appears before the camera. This can include arrangement sets, props, actors, costumes and lighting, as well as the positioning and movement of the actors (known as blocking). Every little detail can make your mise-en-scene more exciting.

An example of blocking can be seen in this scene from Citizen Kane here

 A mise en scene of Hitchcock's Strangers on a train can be seen here if you click the link below

Hitchock: Strangers on a Train Scene Analysis

A mise en scene of the film Rocky can be seen at the link below

The Mise En Scene Of ROCKY or Paulie broke The Mirror

 Here is a mise en scene of the film Wall-E

Mise-en-Scene in Wall-E

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Film Analysis - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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Other Film Editing Techniques
The Kuleshov Effect is a film editing effect demonstrated by Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in the 1910s and 1920s. It is a mental phenomenon by which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot in isolation.

Kuleshov Effect explained by Alfred Hitchcock

Multimedia Communications Assignment 2

Research Assignment 30%

Produce a research assignment approximately 1500 words in length on one of the following topics:

(a) An analysis of mise-en-scene of a particular film or film scene


(b) Critical review of a news report/broadcast/television/radio item

Assessment Criteria:
Media or film  6
Alternative models of media communications outlined and examined  6
Key research skills are demonstrated  6
Various arguments are presented in one assignment, with key practical examples 6
Introduction, conclusion, references  6

Deadline  Wednesday 24th  March 2015

A useful link to videos on plagiarism and referencing correctly can be found at this link

The media and film theory handout given out in class earlier in the year can be found at the following address

Useful resources for media theory can be found at the following links

Useful links for models of media communication below:

Discussion on this blog about media theory can be found at this link about Marshall McLuhan as well as at this link which looks at how the mass media constructs stories

A thread about Mise-en-scene can be found at this link