Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Multimedia Communications Assignment 2

Research Assignment 30%

Produce a research assignment approximately 1500 words in length on one of the following topics:

(a) An analysis of mise-en-scene of a particular film or film scene


(b) Critical review of a news report/broadcast/television/radio item

Assessment Criteria:
Media or film  6
Alternative models of media communications outlined and examined  6
Key research skills are demonstrated  6
Various arguments are presented in one assignment, with key practical examples 6
Introduction, conclusion, references  6

Deadline  Wednesday 24th  March 2015

A useful link to videos on plagiarism and referencing correctly can be found at this link

The media and film theory handout given out in class earlier in the year can be found at the following address

Useful resources for media theory can be found at the following links

Useful links for models of media communication below:

Discussion on this blog about media theory can be found at this link about Marshall McLuhan as well as at this link which looks at how the mass media constructs stories

A thread about Mise-en-scene can be found at this link

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