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Skills Audit

You have a variety of skills. Finding out what skills you have demonstrated in your life can help to give a clearer picture for your career path.

What do you desire?

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Skills you have used may have been through work, education or during your leisure time. Categories of skills include:

1) Interpersonal skills involve how you deal with people. Your communication skills with fellow employees, management, customers and suppliers. Demonstrations of these skills can involve working as part of a team, telephone skills, negotiation skills and feedback

2) Personal skills involve your ability to work on your own initiative. Demonstrations of these skills could include meeting deadlines, punctuality, confidentiality, attendance as well as organization skills.

3) Practical skills involve skills that demonstrate your ability to perform certain tasks. Demonstrations of this could be designing flyers, editing databases, producing profit & loss accounts and cash flows  and having an ability to analyse them, knowing another language etc. You may be currently learning these skills as you progress through college.

4) Technical Skills involve a specialized skill where you can demonstrate an ability to use a technical product. Different courses will have more specific technical skills. General examples could include word processing or being able to operate a switchboard.

How do I find out what skills I have?
  • For each job  you have worked in, take a seperate sheet and brainstorm all the tasks that this job involved. List everything you did that was associated with that job. Break down your duties into subpoints eg barwork- managed orders, interacted with customers, negotiated with suppliers, in charge of stock control, liaised with kitchen and restaurant staff etc
  • What skills have you learned as a result of carrying out these tasks? What skills were needed?

Click on this link for helpful advice regarding how to describe some of the skills you have:

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