Friday, 9 September 2011

Digital Presentations Week 1 what makes a good presentation?

We are going to look at what makes a good presentation. Composing your thoughts on what makes a great presentation will help you become aware of how you can improve yours.

Have a look at this presentation by Jamie Oliver at the Tedtalks in 2010. In this presentation he talks about educating children about food and fighting obesity.
Youtube Video Jamie Oliver's TED award speech.
Uploaded by on Feb 12, 2010

1.Do you think it was a good or bad presentation?

2.Why do you think it is good or bad?

3.What points made were most effective in this presentation?

4.How would you describe the body language of this presenter?

5.Do you think the slides used on the screen were effective?How?

6.Were the statistics in this presentation easily understandable?

7.Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef from the UK giving a presentation to an American audience.How do you think he prepared the presentation to make it relevant to that audience?

8.How effective were the props in this presentation? Eg The wheelbarrow or sugarcubes?

9.Was there any point where you were lost in the presentation?If so why do you think this was?

10.Do you think he achieved his aim with this presentation?
What do you think his aim was with that presentation?

If the contents of the Jamie's presentation interested you, you can get more information at this link

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  1. i found this video really interested and i would recommend more people to watch the video