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Level 6 Assignment 2 Formal Business Letter

Title & Code of Module               Communications G30001
Assessment Technique              Portfolio Of Coursework
Weighing                                        3% = 30
Title                                                  Formal Business Letter

The letter should be word processed, following current business conventions, consisting of 2-3 full paragraphs. The letter should reply on behalf of a supervisor/manager within a company to a letter addressed to the company (eg letter of enquiry, of complaint etc).

Assessment Criteria
Structure - conventions of address, layout, word processed (15) 
Content, correct use of grammar, spelling punctuation etc (15)

When writing a business letter in response to a customer query of complaint, you are representing your company or supervisor. Poor writing skills can lead to a negative perception of  the business you are representing. 

It is therefore very important to decide when constructing your letter:
Purpose What is the point of the letter you are writing? What message are you ttying to convey back to the original sender?
Audience Who are you writing this letter to? If it is to a customer complaint, should you take more care regarding how you will phrase the letter? How can you address the issue while maintaing a positive image for your company?
Information Gathering What information do you need to reply to the letter. What sources do you need to research?
Main Points What are the main points you want to cover? Put them in a logical order

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