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Level 5 Assignment 1 Personal Writing:getting started

Personal Writing: Getting Started
No matter who it is writing, we are all faced with a blank page.How do we get what is in our head on the page in a way that will communicate effectively to the reader?
What is the purpose of the writing? How do you want the reader to feel?How are you going to achieve this?

What is the topic going to be about?

How are you going to write it? Will it be a poem, prose, story or a dialogue?

What kind of language will you use to create the style you desire eg imagery or metaphors?

What is your personal style? What words or expressions will you use and how will you structure your sentences?

How will you use punctuation and grammar to best communicate what you are talking about?

Use memory, imagination and observation to help get those ideas flowing.

Top Ten Writing Rules From Famous Writers
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Youtube Video:How Irish Writers Get Their Ideas

As the Savage Eye show satirises, many writers get their ideas
by memory and observation as well as imagination

Putting Together A Piece Of Writing

Decide on the form of personal writing you will use.You have the option of one of the following:
(a) Story
(b) Review
(c) Letter
(d) Poem
(e) Letter

Consider how you will best convey:
(a) Your purpose
(b) Your topic
(c). The form which best suits it
(d). Your use of language
(e). Your personal style
(f). Your punctuation and grammar

Step 1 Brainstorm.                             
The only thing limiting you is your imagination. Getting all your ideas down on one page is useful. For example, draw a spider diagram and have fun.Think about plot, characters and setting.Or if you write 140 words starting with the given I dreamed that... in then click lay, you will see a visual representation of your dream.Another possibilility is if you use you can create a comic strip to help you imagine your story.                                                               

Step 2 Drafting.
Organise your notes into a 1st draft to give it some shape. How will you begin or conclude your writing? In what sequence will each idea go?


Step 3 Redrafting
Thish is where you finetune the 1st draft. You may wish to at this stage change some words which need to be changed. You may want to expand or reduce the piece.Editing your work can help refine your work into a more polished piece of writing.


Step 4 Proofread   
Get someone else to read your work. This is useful as they may offer constructive criticism and spot mistakes you didn't notice.


Author of American Gods Meil Gaiman offers some advice to college students to use their creativity.
Neil Gaiman - Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012
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Perhaps you may not wish to write a short story but would rather express your opinion. Here is some help to assist you write a review

Writing a Review
Before we start, it is important to make this very clear. A review is NOT simply a retelling of a plot of a movie, it is an informed opinion or criticism. You are the person giving the reader an idea of why they should see or buy it.If you are going to approach doing a film review then please consider relevant information such as:

The director-is it a good or bad film?How?Why?How does it compare to their previous work?

Actors-did they play their parts well?

Characters-how believable were they?What kind of characters did they portray?

Plot-does the plot hold your attention or not?Why? Do not give away the ending!!!

Setting-where and when does the story take place?

Genre-what type of film is it? For this type of genre, how would you rate it and why?

Script-Could the script have been improved? is it well written? Were there any memorable quotes?

Please note that it is not simply a retelling of the plot

Here is an audio review of the movie Toy Story 3 by Mark Kermode
Youtube Video: Mark Kermode reviews Toy Story 3

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Other websites which may be helpful:

Writing an album review

Who are the recording artists and what is the album called?
How does it compare with their previous work?
What genre of music is it? is it original or stereotypical of that genre?
How do the songs differ?
What are the lyrics like?Are there any particuarly memorable lines
What is the sound quality like?Is it a clean or dirty sound?How?
How does this album compare with their previous work?
How does it compare to other artists albums within that music genre?

Other websites you may find useful:

Or you may wish to apply the same criteria to reviewing a computer game?

Remember whether saying a film is good or bad, you need to back up your statements with reason and logic. Praise or criticise intelligently, do not simply criticise for argument's sake, look at the product objectively.

WARNING!Do not simply copy and paste what it says in Wikipedia. This is your own personal opinion, communicate some originality. Copy and pasting receives 0 marks.

Please take a moment to give me some feedback in the comments section
What was difficult in this task?

What did you learn?

Is there anything else that could have been included in the topic to make it easier for you to understand?

Was the topic explained well or not?

Are there any video links from Youtube that may also be useful?
(if so please copy and paste the link in the comments section with a sentence explaining what it is)