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The Purpose of


The need to communicate is hot-wired into every human being, but the skill to communicate and present effectively has to be developed and nurtured. With economic recessions, rising costs and high levels of unemployment, students will need better communication skills to combat for jobs while also keeping up with technological developments like social media, which is revolutionising how people are communicating with each other. Students will be educated with relevant posts delivering a flexible content of text, pictures and videos to deepen their knowledge in the classroom or at home. The videos are not there as a teaching substitute, but rather as a platform to engage class discussions to facilitate learning. This is the aim of

I am a teacher in the County Louth area of communications, digital presentations and a variety of business subjects and have been involved in helping O'Fiaich College win the 2011 North East PLC debate. I have also helped local businesses through marketing consultancy in County Louth, and my previous marketing work has helped reach the final of the National Marketing Awards hosted by the Marketing Institute of Ireland and helping to win the Louth Business Awards in 2009.I am also the cartoonist for the Dundalk Leader newspaper and have a Masters in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Why use this blog?

Benefits for students:


If you are a student and want to use this blog to assist your learning with Communications, Multimedia Communications, Digital Presentations or how to handle job interviews and the world around us.  If you want to have a voice and learn how to debate more effectively.If you want to be aware of issues regarding social media and how the world is communicating to you.This blog can give you a voice.

Benefits to you
a) You can access this information 24/7 365 days per year
b) You can go back over helpful instructional videos as often as you like
c) You can learn from other students posts to help further your understanding of particular topics
d) If a topic interests you, you can explore in more detail through the use of relevant links
e) Now you can pause and repeat videos and discuss topics with friends or family to help facilitate your learning
f) If you are off sick for a few days you won't be as lost when you return
g) If you are bored you can skip ahead to a topic that interests you
h) Learn from the intimacy of your own room or while travelling
i) Learn 21st century skills to make you more employable or entrepreneurial in your future career
j) Connect globally and be able to demonstrate your communication and presentation skills to future employers
k) Information on this blog can be reguarly updated so you are not reliant on out of date textbooks and can use videos to understand whats being discussed.

Furious Irish Angels

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Benefits for teachers:

You can use this blog to help assist your teaching of communications, Digital Presentations. If you would like your students to train for a debating team please visit the link Debate on the side. The blog will also be useful for Career Guidance as constructing CV's and cover letters, interview tips and facts about the current economic climate with relevance to students.Students can learn at their pace until they master the topic. This blog can help eliminate a 1 size fits all lecture on a topic as now the students can interact with and learn from each other.

Benefits to you
a) you can use this blog to help facilitate learning through videos and links to create discussion in your classrooms
b) you can help by contributing to the debate on reforming education to enable students with up to date skills for 21st century with current topics.
c) You are not constrained by a textbook which may be out of date
d) Students can recap certain topics as often as they like to develop a deeper understanding
e) Students can help teach other students on this blog and thus free up teacher time to assist with learning and therefore contribute more valuable time in the classroom by helping students, not simply lecturing to them.

A Vision of Students Today
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For those of you looking for employment

Yes this is an educational blog but also it provides many exercises, tips and helpful instructional videos for applying for jobs and where opportunities can be created. It can help maximise your potential and help give you a voice.This blog can help give you ideas regarding communicating your message in the workplace or to the world (eg sales presentations, examples of real life communication methods etc.)

Benefits to you
-If you want to polish up on your interview, presentation or debate skills
-you can gain a better knowledge about good methods of communication with colleagues or customers
-Information is relevant with real world examples to deepen your learning
-Get your point across better as a worker or a supervisor
-Ability to use this blog to learn from others experience

For parents of students


You can use this blog if you are interested in your child/young adults education and future job possibilities in an increasingly competitive global world. You can access this website as often as you like to. You have the option to discuss topics with your child to help them deepen their learning. You can play a more active role in your child's education. You can help give your child your knowledge by discussing and practicing some of the content on this blog with them at home (eg you can look at some of the videos relating to job interviews and practice with them).

Benefits to you
a) You are now empowered to help further your child's employment prospects
b) You can be reassured that your child is being challenged with relevant up to date topics
c) Your child will learn more relevant 21st century skills
d) That your child can familiarise themselves with some of the course content whenever they have internet access (eg if they have been off sick for 2 or 3 days, they won't be as lost when they return).
e) That your child isn't constrained by only the school or college facilities in which they attend, but can communicate nationally or even internationally on here.
f) That this blog can give your child some confidence and a voice in a rapidly changing technology  driven world

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For employers
You can use this blog to better assess future employees communication skills.You can also get ideas for how to make job interviews and assessing cv's as a more rewarding occasion for your company to get the type of employee you really want. Ideas such as questions to ask potential employees are included here along with relevant links to websites and Youtube videos regarding hiring staff.

Benefits to you
a) You can use some of the content to improve your own communication, presentation and debate skills in your workplace.
b) As an employer you are better armed to source the appropriate candidate for potential employment.
c) You can see how engaged future employees are with the material provided in this course


For the Irish economy
Ireland's future generation will be better equipped with better communication skills to compete in a globalised rapidly evolving economy.
With educational cutbacks as a result of Ireland not being in the best economic shape, we have to find better ways of doing more with less.

Irelands current growth sector is in exports, this blog is concerned with exporting knowledge
That is what this blog is trying to achieve.

a) Ireland's next generation is better informed with more relevant up to date knowledge
b) Helps encourage the Irish generation to be more critical thinkers and to learn to question accepted standards, which encourages leadership, entrepreneurialism and innovation
c) A nation with great communication, debate and presentation skills can make itself more attractive to foreign investment, thus increasing employment prospects.
d) A nation with great communication, debate and presentation skills can help sell their idea to be an entrepreneur more effectively, thus increasing employment prospects.It's one thing to have a great idea, it's quite another knowing how to sell it to others.


Why Communications Students need to start looking at social media for employment
Times are tough and it is getting harder to get your voice heard with all the competition there is for jobs. On the other hand it is getting easier to get your voice heard and perhaps to secure or create a job you always wanted through social media. There are disadvantages to social media in terms of rumour, gossip and potential online bullying. However, in particular over the past 3 years, social media is being used by numerous people to create contacts, followers and links.

Have a look at these two videos which relate to the growth of social media in Ireland in 2011. How do you think the growth of social media will impact communications in Ireland?

Youtube Video Social Media Stats Ireland - June 2011 
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Youtube Video Social Media in Ireland 

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