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Level 5 Assignment 4 and 5 Presentation and Q&A

Assignment 4 and 5 Presentation and Q & A
This assignment is worth 20% and involves you giving a presentation on any topic (10%) and then answering questions on the topic (10%). It will be recorded on videotape in front of the class. A suggestion would be to do your presentation on your report in your previous assignment where you have already done a lot of the work and where the topic is fresh in your mind and you have your primary and secondary data researched already. You don’t have to though, you can pick another topic if you wish. Make sure you know when you are up as it may be difficult to reschedule you without advance notice. If you can’t make the date, swap with someone who will.

This assignment demonstrates your listening and speaking skills. A lot more information can be found on if you look up the Digital Presentations subject covered on this blog

1.      Candidates should make a presentation of approximately 5-10 minutes duration, followed by a Question and Answer session
2.      The presentation should be recorded on videotape.
3.      The presentation may be on any topic of interest to the candidate. Ideally, it should be based on a vocational topic but may draw on other aspects of this module.

Assesment Criteria
·         Evidence of thorough preparation and rehearsal (2%)
·         Clear structure with beginning, middle, end, signposting and linking, tailored to occasion or environment (2%)
·         Sustains interest, very good rapport with the audience (2%)
·         Good breathing and voice control, with variety of tone and clarity of diction (2%)
·         Body Language, gesture, stance all excellent (2%)
·         Answers questions clearly, fully and to the point (10%)

        You will be asked at least 10 questions

Useful Powerpoint Presentation video tutorials

This is a good introduction to creating your own custom presentations

Youtube Video: PowerPoint 2007 Demo Create a PowerPoint template

Uploaded by on 18 Oct 2009

The video below provided by Microsoft Europe shows the potential and advantages of Powerpoint 2010
Youtube Video:Powerpoint 2010: The Possibilities - Duarte HD
Uploaded by on 8 Dec 2009 for

Here is another demo for how to create a Powerpoint 2010 presentation

Youtube Video:Creating a Presentation - PowerPoint 2010
Uploaded by on 2 Sep 2010

Curious about inserting a movie into a presentation?The tutorial below shows you how to do it in Powerpoint 2007.
Youtube Video: PowerPoint 2007: Inserting a Movie into a Presentation

How to animate text in a Powerpoint presentation which will let your text move, spin or fly from space to space
Youtube Video:How to Animate Text in a PowerPoint Presentation For Dummies
Uploaded by on 26 Feb 2009

Here is a video tutorial about how to make a powerpoint animation 
Youtube Video:
How to make a powerpoint animation : tutorial
Uploaded by on 28 Oct 2009

Good Powerpoint Examples Video Tutorials
Curious about how to create a really good powerpoint? Have a look at the video below to help guide you. It concerns how to create create presentations rather than bad ones.
Youtube Video: How to create an Awesome PowerPoint presentation
Uploaded by on 3 Nov 2009

Youtube Video: Good Powerpoint Examples
Uploaded by on 27 Apr 2010

Presentation Advice Videos 
 The video below provided by Speakfirst focuses on how to improve your presentations comparing mistakes with improvements
Youtube Video:Presentation skills - How to improve your presentations

Apple's CEO Steve Jobbs is considered to be one of the greatest public speakers in the world today. Here is a video provided by BNET Video

Youtube Video:
Present Like Steve Jobs Online videos for busy business professionals BNET Video
Uploaded by on 17 Apr 2008

Youtube Video: Death By Powerpoint

Uploaded by on Jun 7, 2010

 Answering questions after your presentation can appear daunting as you do not know what it is you will be asked. There is only so much that can be prepared.

Youtube Video: Ep 10. How To Answer Questions On Your Presentation - Presentation Skills - Public Speaking
Uploaded by on Jun 21, 2010

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