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Level 6 Assignment 8 Technical Presentation Skills/ Specialist Vocational Skills

Title & Code of Module                     Communications G30001
Assessment Technique                       Technical Presentation Skills
                                                                Specialist Vocational Skills
Weighing                                               20% (100 divided by 5)
Title                                                       Specialist Vocational Skills

Develop and deliver an oral, technical presentation, presented on videotape
(approx 10 mins) on a computer related product. The presentation should include appropriate visual aids, demonstrations and support materials.

Assessment Criteria:
Appropriate use of vocabulary (Techno-speak)  (15)
Structure of technical presentation (10)
Clarity of Presentation (10)
Selection of level of delivery to specified audience (10)
Use of support materials (eg demos, drawings, slides)  (20)
Glossary of terms (10)
Ability to answer technical questions on product  (10)
Overall effectiveness of presentation   (15)

When presenting about your chosen computer related product, it is important for your audience to het an introduction to the product. Perhaps a little bit of history about the product or a description of the industry would be useful.

Remember to mention both the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Are there features which could be improved upon?

I usually advice students to pick a computer related product which appears to have a good future and not become obsolete too soon. Is there any computer related product which may help your future career? Becoming an expert about a computer related product can help your employment prospects in relevant companies which may use or manufacture them.

When concluding, remind the audience about 2 or 3 clear points and give your overall impression of the product.

Youtube Video

How to create an Awesome PowerPoint presentation

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 Presentation skills - How to improve your presentations 

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As stated earlier do not expect your audience to be experts. You had to research this, not your audience. It is therefore useful to have a glossary of terms to indicate to the audience key terms with short explanations to facilitate a deeper understanding and to prevent them from switching off.

Youtube Video

Education: Teaching & Writing : How to Make a Glossary

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Questions and Answers
How do I make people want to ask questions? Have you invited them to? Are you secretly hoping that you don't get asked anything about your presentation? What does it say about your presentation if nobody asked anything?

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Sample Presentation: Starting a Q&A & Answering Questions

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What if I get asked a question I don't know how to answer?
What will people think of my presentation if I can't answer their questions?
Is someone leading me to a particular answer by their question?
Repeat the question asked so both your audience can hear it and you have a clear understanding of it. This also gives you more time to construct your answer.
If you feel lead into answering a certain way state that you don;t see the issue raised that way and give reasons why.
Do not be afraid to ask the person what do they mean by the question.
Do not be afraid to state that you hadn't considered the topic from a particular viewpoint and thank them for their great question. This could be a good point to restate the perspective of your presentation. Not knowing something about your topic does not diminish your authority on the subject depending on how it is handled.

Youtube Video 

Ep 10. How To Answer Questions On Your Presentation - Presentation Skills - Public Speaking

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This documentary might help you decide on the type of computer product that would be useful for you to present on as it looks at emerging opportunities and trends in the new networked society.

 Networked Society 'On the Brink'
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