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Digital Presentations Collection of Work Assignment

You are expected to produce and deliver three 5 minute presentations and 2 reports which accompany them. The reports are the evidence that you have developed a range of digital presentation skills.

The 3 presentations required are:
1-Myself (minimum 8 slides) 
2-How to.... (minimum 12 slides, pick something that interests you and don't overuse one website, you will be expected to have references at the back of your report)
3-Hometwown (minimum 15 slides, you must use charts explaining statistics and demographics relating to your hometown as well as images.Remember to reference at the back of your report

You must be able to show in your presentations and reports the following:
-you can implement a variety of different slide layouts
-you can use transitions
-you have appropriate timing (not too short or too long.5 mins approx)
-you can navigate through your slides correctly (demonstrates rehearsal as well as knowledge of presentation software used)
-you can apply various animation effects
-that you can deliver the presentation effectively

Your report must include all the prepartory work involved (including proper referencing of website articles and pictures). The report must also feature:
-the aims and objectives of the presentation
(what are you trying to achieve and how are you going to do it?)
-the target audience
(who are they, will you have to tailor your presentation with those people in mind? Eg if you are presenting to the members of a particular business or I.T. Class, should it be a more formal presentation or not? How would this differ to presenting to work colleagues?)
-a critical review of the presentation
(after you have completed your presentation, what kind of feedback did you get. It is recommended that you write down some of the comments that were made, to see where can be improved?Use this constructive criticism to make your next presentation even better.)

Advice For Your Presentation:
1. Introduce yourself by name.
2. Bring back up visual aids in case your PowerPoint presentation fails.
3. Slow down when you are speaking.
4. Make eye contact with the audience.
5. Smile.
6. Ask for questions from the audience at the conclusion of the presentation.

1. Show paragraphs or long sentences on the screen.
2. Use fussy and distracting backgrounds.
3. Overdo punctuation: very little is needed in a visual aid.
4. Use over-complicated diagrams, which the audience won't be able to see clearly.
5. Use unnecessary and distracting movement on the screen.
6. Watch the computer screen instead of the audience.
7. Assume that you can use the equipment without trying it out. 

Here is a video with useful tips to enhance the delivery of your presentation.
Youtube Video Tips for Effective Presentation Skills - Power Point 
Uploaded by on 9 Feb 2010
What The Reports Must Include:
·  The Aims and Objectives of the presentation (Why you are doing it? What do you hope to achieve?)
·     The Target audience
·     Preparatory work(How are you going to do it?)
Photo Reference List:(URL’s of pictures you have used from the internet, references,print screens of slides outlining any drawings, transitions, animations, formatting or clipart you have done)

When presentations are completed and performed the student must hand up a critical review detailing how it went and where it could have been improved upon.

Ideas For the "Myself" Presentation
1.       General information
a.       Name, dob, born where…
2.       Family
a.       Number of brothers and sisters…
3.       Education
a.       Primary Secondary School
b.      Secondary School
4.       Favourite subjects
a.       Academic achievements
5.        Interests/hobbies
a.       Sport
b.      Clubs/Societies
6.       Current education
a.      College
b.      Subjects
7.       Use of IT
a.       PowerPoint
b.      The Internet
c.       Applications of particular interest
8.       Future Plans
a.       University
b.      Employment
9.       Countries visited
a.       France
b.      Spain
c.       US
10.   Countries you’d like to visit
11.   Favourite movies
12.   Favourite actors/actresses
13.   Favourite Sports stars
14.   Political beliefs – member of party
15.   Hometown

Here is a good example of someone presenting themselves. It is by Randy Pausch, a former professor of computer science from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania,  who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2006 and given only a few months to live. He decided to give a series of upbeat presentations entitled "The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood dreams". This is an abridged version he has given on the Oprah show in October 2007 although the longer version is one of the most popular down loads on Youtube:

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