Monday, 17 September 2012

Level 6 Assignment 2 Formal Business Letter

Title & Code of Module                      Communications G30001
Assessment Technique                        Portfolio Of Coursework
Weighing                                             3% = 30
Title                                                     Formal Business Letter

The letter should be word processed, following current business conventions, consisting of 2-3 full paragraphs. The letter should reply on behalf of a supervisor/manager within a company to a letter addressed to the company (eg letter of enquiry, of complaint etc).

Assessment Criteria:
Structure – conventions of address, layout, word processed (15)
                     Content, correct use of grammar, spelling punctuation etc (15)

Youtube Video

Life Skills & Writing Letters : How to Address a Business Letter

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In terms of the content you should look at: Identify what the purpose of the letter is and who the audience are that you are targeting the letter to.

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