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Level 6 Assignment 3 Audio Interview

Title & Code of Module                      Communications G30001
Assessment Technique                     Portfolio Of Coursework
Weighing                                             5% (50 divided by 10)
Title                                                      Audio Interview

Guidelines: An interview by the tutor/teacher, on the candidates CV and future career. Duration 3-5 minutes, presented on audio tape.

Assessment Criteria:
Positive Listening, eye contact, 
positive body language, seeking clarification (10)
Answers relevant to questions, contain information (15)
Expansion on answers  (10)
Delivery – clarity, tone, confidence (15)

As a result of the increasingly competitive jobs market in 2011, one of the major factors in determining a successful interview regards how you push your strengths. What makes you different from everyone else? It is an employers market at the moment, where there are plenty to choose from. The same robotic answers just won’t cut it anymore. Make a list of your qualities, get a dictionary and look at different ways to present those qualities. What words can you use to best describe yourself? 

Youtube Video

Successful Telephone Interviews

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Youtube videos
How to communicate your strengths in a job interview from Howcast
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What kind of body language do you want to demonstrate to the interviewer? Do you want to show confidence or shyness? How do you do this with your mannerisms? How can you engage the interview? How will you use eye contact? Here is a video of TV3’s Ireland AM, where Mairéad Fleming of Brightwater Recruitment discusses how 55% of the interview is conveyed through our  body language. 

Top 36 Job Interview Questions and Answers 2010

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