Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Identify the main features of the Data Protection Act.

Another form of data protection...

Are there any data protection acts in Ireland?
There are acts such as the data protection act 1988 and 2003 are set up to protect the rights of personal data and to hold account of controllers of data .

Why should I know about this?
This is important to anyone who submits data about themselves on-line to the government, banks, and many other entities on the web. For example if a company obtained information of your personal details without your permission and used it for marketing purposes, you have a right to have your details removed. 

OK, what are my rights?
These rights are obtained from the link below and go into more detail if you click on it.

1.  A person has the right to have your data processed in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.
2.  A person has the right to be informed.
3.  A person has the right to object.
4. A person has the right where a future employer cannot force a future employee of their personal information.
5.  Freedom from automated decision making.
6.  There are rights under Data Protection and Privacy in Telecommunications Regulations
7.  There is the right to have your name removed from a direct marketing list.
8.  People have the right of rectification or erasure.
9.  There is the right to have your name removed from a direct marketing list.
10. Everyone has the right of access.

Click on this link to learn abut the main parts of a data protection act i.e. a person rights:
Are there any examples of data protection violations?
Here is an example in England from 2007:


Here is another example of violations of false allegations on the internet on the website Twitter.


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