Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Explain the Importance of Data Security and Confidentiality in Relation to Computerised Accounts Data

Data Security and Confidentially

Data security is protecting a database such as a set of accounts from non members of a firm or hackers. Data confidentially is information of a client accounts are kept secret and are only to a select few.

Why is it important?
It is important because it can do an awful lot of damage to a firm of any size if they accounts of the company were in the wrong hands.
First, a customer of an account business expects that all the information of their finances will be stored and not known to anyone else apart from the business. If a hacker tired to obtain information of a customer’s accounts and was successful, it could have dire consequences for both client and firm. The client might leave the firm and possibly sue to company, while the company unfortunately earn a bad reputation for not having adequate data security.  

Hers is an article detailing the worst data security breeches:

Click on this link to learn about the Playstation Network being hacked into:

Here is an example of data confidentially problems with Facebook:

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