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How to edit

Film editing is the concept of displaying a combination of film shots in a sequence. This can add an added sense of drama as one shot is instantly replaced with another. Editing can determine the pace and feel of a movie. The process of editing can discover something that may not have been originally intended for the movie. Editing can help transfer film into more than a simple replication of reality. Through close-ups and long distance shots the audience's emotions can be played upon. It can enhance moods and feelings and show different perceptions of characters to give the film segment a greater depth of richness. Edwin Porter was one of the first to discover that the tying together of shots could help create a story.

A selection of commonly used film editing terms are included in this link

Here is a list of Irish editing and post-production film companies in Ireland.

The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing (Abridged Version) Part 1 

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Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter won an Oscar for Best Editing for the film The Social Network in 2011. This clip shows a boatrace from within the movie. How do you think the editing affects the pace of this clip?
The Social Network / Henley Sequence

Here are some examples of editing techniques you would often see used in film.
8 different film techniques - The Language of Editing

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How quick is the editing?

Braveheart the battle of stirling

Can you spot any editing mistakes in the following clip?

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Montage consists of a series of shots which are interlinked to reduce time yet give information. The clips are often short yet based around a certain theme with music to evoke emotion yet keep a continuity to the scene. One of the most famous montage uses are from the Rocky series. Here is a montage clip from the Rocky 4
Rocky 4 training montage - Hearts On Fire (HD)

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