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Technological Influence on the Games Industry

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As the consoles and computers on which games are played have improved over the years, the limit to what a game can achieve has been pushed further and further. Games have not only improved their graphics but have become bigger and more complicated as machines now have greater processing power. However this is only one aspect of games that has improved due to new hardware. Any new machine out, be it a faster PC or a smart phone, opens new possibilities for games.

As machines became smaller in size portable consoles such as the Gameboy became possible and today the Nintendo DS combines this portability with a touchscreen feature. Also the capability of smart phones to be able to play bigger games than was possible on any older handsets has really opened a new market for games designer, in particular apps such as Angry Birds have had phenomenal success worldwide.

Further again the Ipod and Ipad have added motion sensors to add a whole new dimension to what game designers have to play around with. Now in addition to whatever core gameplay they had in mind they can incorporate various touch activated commands along with movement of the device to make entirely new gaming experiences.

Yes you look silly but it works...

Even 3D has made its way into games recently as some console games have options to display in 3D on 3D capable TVs, and the Nintendo 3DS having a form of image projection, while not entirely 3D itself, is still impressive on a handheld console. This just proves that with every new advancement in technology games embrace it and progress further so it’s always a good idea to keep up to date with any new upcoming technologies.

Online games are also beginning to replace games that would normally be single player and just on your own machine now that more and more players have better internet connections allowing them to all play together either against each other or cooperatively and really makes games more of a community.

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