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Level 6 Assignment 5 Sustained Piece of Writing

Title & Code of Module                     Communications G30001
Assessment Technique                     Portfolio Of Coursework
Weighing                                             5% = (50 divided by 10)
Title                                                      Sustained Piece Of Writing

Guidelines: The piece of writing should be based on the candidate’s personal/professional interest eg short story, personal letter. It should consist of at least 700-1000 words, and may be hand written. Evidence of editing, proof reading and re-drafting skills should be provided.

Assessment criteria:
Structure, paragraphing, editing, proof reading and redrafting (15)
Fluency of style and expression (20)
Choice of topic, sustains interest (5)
Correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation etc (10)

As well as a great plot, good creative writing involves planning, drafting and redrafting and editing
Think about the story to your favourite movie or book. 
Do you think there was much planning involved or did the writers and scriptwriters just type away?
Do you think the actors would have had much say in the script? 
Did the director interpret the script or film it word for word? 
Do you think a writer consults anyone when crafting their ideas? 
Why do you think book editors exist? 

Drafting the Idea

The process of writing involves a lot of planning, drafts, editing and rewrites. You can see in this videoclip gow J.K. Rowling created the world of Harry Potter through drafts, rewrites, and drawings of the characters before the public got the book that reached them

Youtube Video
J K Rowling on how she created Harry Potter

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Brainstorm and Mindmapping The Idea

Here is a video of mind mapping you might find useful for coming up with ideas for your story. Mind maps are a useful reminder and reference point to the writer. They are useful because you don't have to retain all that information in your brain when you decide to write your story. Include your mindmap with your assignment along with various drafts.

Youtube Video How To Mindmap

You will have covered some Personal Writing before in Communications Level 5 Assignment 1.
Look for that post to assist you with ideas.
What is the story going to be about and what outcomes do you want? 
Where will it be located?
Who are the characters?
When did it happen (presentm past or future)
How will you write the dialogue?
Why are you writing it?
Also consider:
The beginning, middle and  end
What conflict and resolution will there be?
What style will you write in?

Here is a quick clip from one of Ireland's most famous writers of recent years Frank McCourt. He received a Pultizer Prixe in 1997 and the National Book  Critics Circle Award in 1996 for his book Angela's Ashes, which was also adapted into an internationally successful movie. He wrote by being influenced by his personal experiences. He was also the author of highly succesful books 'Tis and Teacher Man. He died in 2009. In this clip he states that everyone has a story in them
Youtube Video Frank McCourt :Everyone Has A Story  
Uploaded by on 20 Jul 2009

Here is some advice from world reknown horror writer Stephen King regarding how to write. Stephen King wrote The Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, The Shining, Misery, Pet Semetary and numerous other bestsellers. A lot of his work has been adapted to film.

Youtube Video

Advice from Stephen King

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The last time you may have looked at grammar could have been in secondary school. As we grow older, it is easier to pick up bad writing habits, particuarly if we don't write that often. 
Look for:
1-Spelling mistakes
2-Correct use of grammar like commas and inverted commas "..."
3-Structured paragraphs

Youtube Video

How to Edit Your Writing : Why Writing Skills Are Important

Uploaded by on 4 Apr 2008

What are the employment prospects of someone with bad writing skills? 
Your writing is communicated to fellow employees, management or customers in your workplace, If there are alot of spelling mistakes or longwinded sentences that have no clarity, what does that say about you representing a company? 
What does it say about the company?

Writing a Moviescript Option For Assignment 5
I am including the option in this assignment to write a script for a movie. Why? In the 21st century Irish students will more and more need to have skills to make short films ads and videos for their company or for themselves. Knowing how to write a filmscript is an important skill to have. If you decide to do this option you must adhere to the assignment guidelines at the top of the page, as that is how you will be marked.

Here is a video by AFI about writing a script which you may find useful. Remember to keep it to 700 to 1000 words if you do. 
It must be a work of fiction you are writing about if you choose to do this

Youtube Video

Scriptwriting (AFI's Lights, Camera, Education!) 

 Uploaded by on 13 Mar 2008


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