Monday, 14 November 2016

Media theorists and theory help

A general overview of media studies can be found at Wikipedia:

And a selection of media theorists can be found here

Some of the main media theory and theorists can be found at this link. Download it and print it off to take notes. We will be working from it over the next few weeks:

Have a look at the slides on this page which covers some areas of media theory

There are good examples relating to mediate theory in The Media Theory Toolkit

Other useful links which look at various media theorists include:

Other useful links:TERMS COMMON TO ALL MEDIA


Propp's analysis of folk tales

Incredibles Clip (Propp)

Vladimir Propp

Narrative theory

Mods, Rockers and Moral Panics

Adam Curtis is seen as someone who is respected in his criticism of mainstream media. Towards the end of this 6 minute clip he looks at moral panics which are discussed in your media theory notes.

Adam Curtis-Paranoia and Moral Panics (2010)

                                                   Uploaded by IfsPaul in 2010

Here is a look at how TV journalism will often look at picking a side in various conflicts or stories around the world as opposed to reporting.

Oh Dearism by Adam Curtis

This is a trailer for Adam Curtis' interesting series The Power of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares Trailer

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