Monday, 14 November 2016

The Wide-ranging influence on how the mass media constructs stories

As we looked at in the previous post, there is a variety of ways that the media constructs stories. Sometimes the story is dependant on the medium used. The chosen medium to  can constrain the effectiveness of the story by the media.

Can you apply Marshall McLuhan's idea of "the medium is the message" to any of these clips?
Can you apply any of the theory given in the handout to current media coverage?
Can you source any other clips, stories, articles or documentaries to back up media theory?

Here is a clip from controversial media analyst Charlie Brooker on the media coverage of the death of celebrity Jade Goody from his programme Newswipe. When analysing the story, focus on the manner of media coverage rather than the celebrity.

How is the media constrained by the medium chosen in these examples below?

How is the public influenced as a result?

Charlie Brooker on Jade Goody's Media Coverage

Uploaded by on Apr 3, 2009

Adam Curtis - The Rise and Fall of the TV Journalist

Uploaded by on Oct 16, 2007

Adam Curtis-Paranoia and Moral Panics (2010)

Uploaded by on Aug 19, 2010

Newswipe on celebrity as newsworthy

Uploaded by on Feb 25, 2010

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe - News Coverage Of "Frozen Britain"

Uploaded by on Jan 20, 2010

Guy falling on Snow / Ice in Dublin, RTE Six one report

Uploaded by on Jan 8, 2010

Look What's Happening To TV News?

Uploaded by on Oct 31, 2007

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe: Party Political Broadcasts

Uploaded by on Mar 8, 2010

Oh Dearism by Adam Curtis

Uploaded by on Feb 8, 2010

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