Monday, 12 December 2016

The process of film making in different social and historical contexts

Applying  basic knowledge of film theory and history try to reflect on the following scene in your blogs by answering the following questions:

Are there any theories you can apply from the handout you received before on media and film theory regarding how the subject matter is portrayed?


Trailer My Left Foot -1989- 


10 Movie CLIP Christy Plays Soccer (1989) HD 


Here is the full film

Lost love

Uploaded by  on 30 Sep 2011

1.Describe some of the characteristics of Christy’s father?
2.Are there any similarities/differences between Christy and his father?
3.Would  Mr Brown be considered to be a typical ‘Irish father figure’?
4.Does the relationship between Christy and his father evolve?
5.Has the concept of masculinity changed since the period during which the film is set?
6.Discuss the importance of social setting in the film
7. How are men and women expected to behave
8.Discuss society's attitude to disability and to the Brown family within this film
9. How does Christy, Mrs Brown and Mr Brown deal with Irish societal expectations of them?
10. How does our understanding develop as a result of the repeated reference to the fund-raising benefit?

My Left Foot educational help booklet from the Irish Film Institute

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