Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Water Charge Roar of Dublin

On November 1st nearly 100 local protests happened all around the country of Ireland against the water charges. This video features highlights from the Dublin Lockdown which saw numerous groups and communities stand shoulder to shoulder in their refusal to pay the water charges by Irish Water. The atmosphere at the protest had some moments of real electricity and Irish people regaining their pride.
Organised by Dublin Says No, The Land League and numerous other groups the event was a big success. Guest Brendan Ogle of Right2Water also highlighted another peaceful march and National Assembly outside The Dáil on December 10th. Minister of Finance Michael Noonan said that the November 1st would be the last protest. Judging from this protest as well as the numerous other successful ones in Dublin and all over the country, I think he may be in for a big surprise. Directed and edited by Marcus Howard.

                                      The Water Charge Roar of Dublin

                    Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

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