Friday, 13 September 2013

Ballyhea and Brussels Documentary

                                    Ballyhea in Brussels

                                      Documentary directed and edited by Marcus Howard.

This video concerns the efforts of the Ballyhea Says No group who were in Brussels recently to negotiate for debt writedown with the man in charge of Ireland's finances from the EC, Istvan Szekely.On the 18th September Ballyhea will be in Brussels for the 3rd time to negotiate with the EC and the Petitions Committee.Irish people are asked by Diarmuid O'Flynn of the Ballyhea Says NO group to put pressure on the Irish Government to help negotiate debt writedown on the people of Ireland's behalf. The reason the little parish of Ballyhea had to go above the Irish Government's heads is because they are not doing it. Please watch it if you liked any of my previous documentaries and share it and help force the mainstream media to cover their story this time. They are fighting for you and have helped to inspire "Says No" weekly marches all over the Republic of Ireland. They are a non political group of ordinary people who have marched under one banner for over 132 weeks every Sunday against the bank debt.

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