Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ireland 2016 The European Rising Part 2 now online

I recently posted a 2nd part to my documentary "Ireland 2016 The European Rising". Part 2 looks at the rights of Irish citizens in tough eonomic times and what lawmakers of the past would make of Irish law today. I thought it would be a relevant topic for discussion as the concept of Irish sovereignty is being discussed more and more in 2013. Part 2 features footage concerning the Irish Constitution, the Irish Proclamation, the Lisbon Treaty as well as debates within the European Parliament about Ireland originally voting No and being asked to vote again. The video concludes with a speech by JFK about what Irish independence means to the world.

Ireland 2016 The European Rising Part 2

Uploaded by Jim Murphy Feb 1st 2013

Here is part 1

Ireland 2016 The European Rising Documentary Part 1 

 Marcus Howard published on Dec 30, 2012

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