Monday, 26 November 2012

Practicing interview skills

Practise interview skills

Presenting your CV can seem a daunting task. It is important not to just run through what is just on the CV, the employer has that already. Now is your chance to shine and give them a fuller picture of your job potential.

Have a look at this video from Brightwater Recruitment where 2 candidates are taken through a presentation class. Is there anything you could learn from the feedback they were given?
Youtube Video Jobs Club Presenting Masterclass
Uploaded by on 2 Dec 2010

Here are 2 videos below from highlighting some of the big mistakes which graduates often make as well as dealing with competency based interviews.

Youtube Video

Graduate Interviews - Biggest Mistakes - Cara Fallon, Ericsson, Jameson, PwC, Fidelity

Uploaded by on 5 Feb 2009

Youtube Video 

Competency Based Interviews - PwC, KPMG,

Uploaded by on 5 Feb 2009

Here are some examples of video CV's by graduates

Zookel Video CV Graduate

Uploaded by on 13 Feb 2009

 Youtube Video 
Short Video Resume
Uploaded by on 11 Jan 2010

Here are some of the top questions being asked in interviews. Put your own style on how you answer them but it is more important than ever to prepare as interviewers want to be able to hire the best people for their job.
Youtube Video Top 36 Interview Questions

Uploaded by on 18 Mar 2010

Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers 

Uploaded by on 1 Sep 2009

How to Ace an Interview with Your Body Language

Uploaded by on 9 Nov 2010
  • From the questions where you have written down answers in class, prepare to be asked these on Monday
  • Have a print out of your CV
  • Type up what you have learned about the interview process

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