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Level 6 Assignment 7 Oral Presentation on Critique/Review

Title & Code of Module                    Communications G30001
Assessment Technique                     Portfolio Of Coursework
Weighing                                             5% (50 divided by 10)
Title                                                     Oral Presentation on Critique/Review

Guidelines: The oral presentation to the candidate’s peers should be based on a written item from the module such as the case study, the critique/review or the specialist report. Use visual aids, and include the opportunity for the candidate to answer questions from the audience. The oral presentation should be recorded on video tape.

Assessment Criteria:
Clarity of speech, tone, inflection, breathing, voice, pace, confidence (15)
Use of language-formal/informal, appropriate to audience (10)
Command of subject, captures and sustains interest (15)
Timing and structure (10)

You have the option on presenting some of your previous work. You can pick
from the case study, critique review or specialist report. It is up to you which one
you pick although I  encourage students to present their work on the case study
because it is fresh and since they put so much work into their
case study, you might as well show off your work, This is at your discretion

Here are some behaviours discussed from presentation coach Doug Jeffries
regarding how to make your presentations more effective.

Youtube Video Killer Presentation Skills

Uploaded by on 23 Oct 2006

Your target market will affect how you pitch the presentation. To appeal to
everyone will diminish the scope of your presentation. Are you dealing with
people who know nothing about what you present? If so, how will you pitch it
accordingly? Are they experts about what you are presenting? How will that
change how you use language? What kind of education does your audience
have? What is the general age group? How will that effect the delivery of your

Youtube Video:
Target Market Research-Identifying your Target Audience

 Uploaded by on 26 Aug 2008

Here are some slides (there is no audio in this clip) showing how to have more of
a command over your presentation Remember to structure your presentation
with an introduction, body and conclusion.

Youtube Video Presentation Structure
Uploaded by on 21 Jul 2009

Timing is essential. Going over or under time shows a lack of preparation and
gives the audience the impression that the presentation was composed at the last
minute. This video  shows a feature on Powerpoint 2007 to rehearse your timings
and to deliver a more effective presentation.

Youtube Video

Rehearse PowerPoint Presentation Timing (HD)

 Uploaded by on 9 Dec 2008

Here is a compilation of some of the best Ted Talks. Look up to see
some of the very best presenters and leaders from various industries 

Youtube Video 

TED Top Ten Best Talks 

 Uploaded by on 3 Oct 2009


What did you think of the presenters who interacted with their audience? 

How will you explain your statistics and facts?

How reliant were the speakers on the slides?

Is there anything you can do to make your presentation a bit different?

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