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Level 5 Assignment 9 Group Discussion and Negotiation Skills

Title & Code of Module          Communications G20001
Assessment Technique            Discussion and Negotiation Skills
Weighing                                 10%
Title                                         Discussion and Negotiation Skills

Formal Meeting. Group Discussion

1 Candidates should participate in a formal group setting, such as a discussion or meeting
2 Prepare for the discussion or meeting by preparing questions to be asked or drawing up an agenda
3 Candidates should display good non-verbal communication, listening and speaking skills.

Assessment Criteria:
  • Communicates effectively, excellent preparation (2)
  • Projects a good image, maintains appropriate eye contact, positive body language (2)
  • Listens carefully, seeks clarification if needed, answers questions confidently, elaborates and expands on answers (2)
  • Asks relevant questions (2)
  • Speaks clearly and effectively (2) 
Note To Students: Make sure you know what date your meeting is on for your class. If you miss the date without giving notice, there may not be another date to reschedule the class to have a group meeting for your benefit.

How can a meeting run effectively? Often meetings are seen as an excuse for employees not to do any work, where arguments occur, opinions are not listened to and nothing is agreed upon. This can minimise productivity for an organisation as it is their chance to co-ordinate and brainstorm solutions and proposals together. 

Good discussion and negotiation techniques do not simply involve getting your point across, but also demonstrating an ability to listen to other people's points.Are you taking on board others opinions? What do you think would happen if people feel they are not feeling listened to in meetings.

The video below demonstrates some steps to make meetings more effective in the workplace.

Youtube Video

8 Steps to make your meetings even more effective

Uploaded by on 20 Apr 2008

Often we can learn by seeing how not to do things. This video demonstrates bad methods of being involved in a meeting. Try to avoid or to address some of these issues in your meeting
Youtube Video how to conduct a meeting bad practices
Uploaded by on 12 Jan 2010

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