Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lockout 2014 Water Charges Protest

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. A selection of speeches and short interviews with many non-political groups who are opposing the water charges and Irish Water. The protest was called Lockout 2014 on September 20th and was hosted by a selection of non-political groups. Many people also returned their letters from Irish Water with "Return to Sender No Consent No Contract" in the GPO. Despite the huge number who turned out the protest was not covered by RTE. 

#Lockout2014 #Irishwater

                                 Lockout 2014 Water Charges Protest

In case anyone is wondering about the size of the protest I filmed this section near 2 o'clock from the O'Connell statue. I only arrived at 1 and people had been marching around the centre of Dublin I was told since 12. This clip is nearly 2 minutes long but I'm posting it to help figure out numbers. 

Lockout 2014 The Size of the Protest

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