Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ballyhea Says No and The Central Bank of Ireland

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. Members of Ballyhea Says No, Irish European MEPs Luke Ming Flanagan and Nessa Childers, members of the Dail Technical Group and financial experts Stephen Donnelly and Peter Matthews all met with Patrick Honohan, the governor of the Central Bank of Ireland on July 24th 2014 where the Promissory Note bonds were on the agenda. This is something that everyone in Ireland will be paying unless there is a successful challenge to having to pay this odious debt. Patrick Honohan reluctantly agreed to write to the governing council (the ECB) about the group’s request to meet them with the Independent MEPs and TDs but he would not recommend it. 

This is another positive step forward in the fight to protect future generations of Irish children from having to pay this debt and the interest on it. Various austerity cuts around Ireland are being implemented in order to pay back the bondholders (cuts to schools, hospitals, stealth taxes etc). Please help share this message as this affects everyone in Ireland.

Conor McGregor the famous Irish mixed martial artist of the UFC also makes an appearance at the end of this video.

                 Ballyhea and The Central Bank of Ireland

                                              Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

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