Monday, 17 February 2014

Ireland's Housing Crisis Documentary

Ireland's Housing Crisis

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. 

Interviews with a selection of people relating to the housing crisis in Ireland who mention their experience. Every interviewee highlighted how Council policy appeared to be not to deal with anybody until they were homeless. Many have mentioned how they were placed in emergency accommodation (B+B's). Ireland appears to be facing an epidemic of evictions. Alan Lawes from People Before Profiit and Ken Purcell from Dublin Says No also feature. Interviewees are also asked if they would have a message for the Irish Government, how this is affecting their health and what their next step is. The upcoming Local and European elections are talked about at the end of this video in case viewers are looking to get actively involved and see if they can affect change through the ballot box. Is this what the Irish Government means by "sustainable solutions"? 

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