Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Role of an Auditor

Not a good idea hiding items from the Auditor...

“I have heard this term auditor before what does it mean and is it relative to accounting?”

An auditor is someone who checks the accounts of a company on a yearly basis. This is called an audit. It is there job to see if the accounts are a true and fair representation of the company’s affairs.
The auditor has to request access financial records such as assets, liabilities, bank balances, expenses and receipts of the business to perform the audit.

An auditor gives their opinion of whether or not the financial statements are an accurate and fair representation of the business.

An Auditor must be:

§  Independent
§  Fully qualified and registered
§  A very good communicator

To learn more about the role of an auditor check out this humorous video link:

Los Bank Auditors- I'm on an Audit 



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Check out this website from the Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority which describes the role of auditor:


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