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Main types of Forecasts and Budgets

Main types of Forecasts

In business we need don’t like surprises...

Sales Forecast

A sales forecast is a planned target of obtaining sales revenue. To do this a company uses their own previous sales data, market research of target audience and examining the competition. For start up companies it becomes more difficult due to they have to previous sales data to base their projections on.

Take for example a supermarket company Woolmart, they expect to generate an increase of sales by 10% in America and the rest of the world. To do this they look back on previous year’s sales and see where an improvement can be made. If they think they can increase sales in April, the company might use extra advertising or sales promotions to entice customers into their stores.

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Cash Flow Forecast

A cash flow forecast predicts the target of obtaining cash for the business avoiding liquidity problems in the future. It is an estimation of how much cash flows in and out of the business. One advantage of a cash flow forecast it that it helps to identify problems of not having enough cash for future months. Once identified a bank overdraft can be set up to help with the cash flow.

Here is an example of a company having problems with cash flow. The furniture company OKEA has lent too much credit to its customers for the month of April. This means that while OKEA's financial records of profit will look reasonable there is not enough cash to be in a healthy position. Just because there is profit does not mean there is cash.

Remember that while we are living in an increasing credit world cash is still king!

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Cash Flow Analysis - Understanding The Statement Of Cash Flows Part 1 


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Cash Flow Statement 

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Main Types of Budgets


                                                                      The Enforcer of Budgets?

Master Budget


A master budget is a financial plan that sets out targets for production of goods, the level of sales, the amount allocated for expenses. A master budget comprises of different budgets from different departments. These include the sales department, purchases department the payroll department and many more.
The budget is usually presented by monthly or quarterly periods of the fiscal year.

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Cash Budget

A cash budget is an estimation of how much cash will come in and go out of the business. It can be carried out for the year, month, weeks or days. However if you are making a budget for a few days the business is in some trouble.

The cash budget is important to carry out operations such as paying wages, electricity bills and interest on loans. The budget determines how much a business can spend in a period of time. In other words the business must be able to pay their bills. The budget can also help the business with regards to giving credit to its customers. It can help determine how much credit can be given to customers.

Here is an example of a cash budget:
Assume no credit has been given or received. Only cash has been used.

Assume the company The Bugle Ltd. has a cash balance of €100 brought forward for the month April, the company can create a cash budget:

Cash Balance                                        100
Expected Cash Receipts Sale                        5000
Total Cash                                                             5100

Cash Payments
Wages                                                          3000
Electric Bills                                                 700
General Expenses                                       500
Advertising                                                      50
Total Cash Payments                               4250
Cash Balance                                 850

The company expects to make €850 cash for the month of April and will be brought forward to May.

For a more detailed look on a cash budget check out this link:

Sales Budget

A sales budget is a financial plan that expects a certain level of sales for the budgeted period. This helps predicts how many products will have to be made in order to make a certain level of sales. The sales budget determines the price and how many units will be produced to make a sales target.
The budget also helps to keep the allocation of selling expenses, marketing expenses and advertising expenses on budget to achieve targeted sales.

To learn more about how a sales budget works follow this link:

Responsibility Accounting - Sales Budget

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