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The Irish Video Games Industry

One major growth area in Ireland has been in the video games industry. One of the very best information sources for this sector can be found at 
Here is a useful article on what it takes to break into the games industry in Ireland

This blog will look at significant industry happenings and careers in gaming as well as a history of games. The content is as much for parents of students as it is for students who may not be aware of significant factors relating to the industry. The Programme for Government has included a commitment to support the digital games industry and to promote Ireland as a gaming hub. Tom Cusack,  a leading figure in the department for high-potential startups in Communications Software, Media & Entertainment Services at Enterprise Ireland has stated that “Ireland has developed a strong reputation in this space, and there is a lot of excitement around it, our own indigenous companies like Havok, Demonware and Jolt … we have seen a huge influx in foreign direct investment, which has created that hub or buzz around Ireland in the games space" (Epoch Times 2011)

Ireland is marketing itself as a digital hub for I.T., social media and cloud computing. The video that I directed and edited included below is called Ireland 2012 - A Gamechanger   and gives an overview of those sectors in 2012 as well as how education is increasingly starting to focus on I.T. and mobile technology such as iPads in the classroom.

Ireland 2012 - A Gamechanger 

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard, Communications lecturer in O'Fiaich College and owner of the blog

Here is an RTE report from the 2012 Games Fleadh which took place in LIT in Thurles.


Games Fleadh 2012 on RTE News.

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Here is a video overview of the gaming industry in Ireland which was presented at Gateway Ireland.

Gaming in Ireland

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The games industry has overtaken the dvd industry and is estimated to be valued at €48 billion. The IDA is expecting a 50% increase over the next two years and a report by government think-tank Forfas have said that the growth in gaming produced numerous opportunities for growth in Ireland although we are competing with Scotland and the UK to attract a games hub in Ireland (Independent 2011).    The 110 page Forfas Report can be found at this link which looks at the Games Sector In Ireland

A recent RTE report on the gaming industry in Ireland in the video below (after the headlines if you skip 1 minute in), deal with the recent release of one of the world's most popular games Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3. Reporter Conor Brophy investigates how Irish companies like Demonware are developing the technology used in these games. The video features an interview with Tony Kelly CEO of Demonware and Paul Hayes, Communications Officer of Games Ireland.

"The Irish Gaming Industry", RTE News, Wednesday, 9th of November 2011 

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Big Fish Games, based in Mahon in Cork, is a company being promoted by IDA Ireland as a case study for Ireland being a good place to invest. The link to the video can be found at  IDA Ireland Case Study: Big Fish Games  

Here is also a video link to a video about why Ireland is becoming the Internet Capital of Europe  

According to the Irish Examiner, Paul Breslin CEO of Popcap Games has highlighted that with the right tax incentives, Ireland could become the digital capital of Europe,

Here is a step by step video guide from Videojug regarding how to get a career in the gaming industry

Here is a video interview with Ruben Morales, who explains how he got hired for God Of War 3 as well as mentioning the programs he uses on a daily basis as a Cinematic Artist and advice for those looking to get into the games industry.

How To Get Job In Video Game Industry: Interview with Ruben Morales (from God Of War 3)

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Here is a video from top game designers worldwide offering advice on how to get into the industry. They discuss the benefits of getting a degree, making a mod and just getting out there and doing it. You can view the video at the link IGN's Top 100 Game Developers: Industry Advice - How to Get Started

The video games industry is not all fun and games. Here is a video made by someone who used to work in video games which has received over 220,000 hits on Youtube. It casts a rather sobering light on what working in the video games industry entails.

So You Want to Work in the Video Game Industry

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Here is an insightful video from by the Global Head of Employment Brand made at the 2008 Swansea International Animation Festival. The video is over 50 minutes long however important topics such as what games designers do and what skills you need to have to be one as well as what is games design is covered in his presentation.

'Mum, Dad, I want to be a Game Designer' 

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Here is a video from Barry O'Neill of Games Ireland, discussing the future potential of the Irish Games Industry

David Sweeney, CEO of Games Ireland has stated that  “Ireland's rich reservoir of talent, technique and tenacity mean that it is now perfectly placed to play a leading role in Europe's video-game industry, The Forfás report today is a clear signpost for the kind of Games Incentive Package that Ireland will develop and offer to the fast-changing industry to become the best place to develop games by 2016.” (Silicon Republic 2011)


Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how at Ted.

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world 

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