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Filmmaking Techniques

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The Psychology of Film Editing | Creative Post Production Techniques

The clip below is a short film highlighting the variety of film techniques and camera angles, shots, framing, movement, focus, lighting  and composition. The clip also looks at editing techniques, colour adjusting and sound editing.

Filmmaking Techniques

Video Lighting Basics - Three Point Lighting

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The types of shots that are taken are shown in this clip which also highlights the importance of implied distance. It specifically looks at the long-shot, mid-shot and closeup. Shot types influence how an audience reacts to certain information as the viewer identifies with the lense. Closeups are often used where the greatest dramatic impact is needed within a scene. Significance, meaning drama and creating an emotional response from the audience can be deduced as a result of shot types.

Shots often include the amount of general and background information as well as the amount of subject information, the size and importance of the human figure as well as psychological and physical information.
Long shots are often dominated by background information and films which use this technique considerably include Lawrence of Arabia and Citizen Kane. Subject information in these long shots often take up very little screen space. Long shots are often used to establish the location of the scene at the beginning or end of the shot as subject information has the ability to often be balanced with background information. It allows the audience to figure out what ios going on in a particular situation as well as showing where the cast are positioned onscreen.

Full shots show the subject from head to toe and background begins to be reduced. The subject can be seen in more detail and is therefore better equipped to dominate the frame.Full shots are often used when physical acts are displayed.

Medium shots frame the subject usually from the waist up. The subject takes a greater amount of importance over the background and the subject is able to display more detail in their acting ability. Medium shots often ddepict interaction amongst characters and usually only allow for 2 or 3 characters in frame.

Closeups focus solely on the subject where the face dominates the screen. Subtle shifts in expression from the subject in closeup can convey a lot more to the audience.

Extreme closeup fills the screen with only a fragment of the face (eg maybe just an eye or an object)
Shot Types

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Camera Angles and Techniques

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Best Camera Trick Ever!

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How to achieve a Film Look - DSLR film making

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