Wednesday, 5 October 2011

PLC Debate Answering and Rebutting Questions

When answering and rebutting questions in a debate, it is important to be able to predict what might be asked of you. What do you think your opponent's most obvious arguments will be? Your rebuttal is your answer and response to your opponent and it is also your last chance to make a convincing argument. Make it count!

Statistics and facts are a great way of answering a rebuttal when you can. It is very hard to argue against facts unless those facts can be disputed.

Here is an example from a 1992 debate regarding how to answer questions between George H. Bush and Bill Clinton. Watch how each candidate addresses the person answering the question.

Clinton vs. Bush in 1992 Debate

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Here is a short clip on how to write a rebuttal speech

Speech Writing : How to Write a Rebuttal Speech 

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